Last Night

1. I got in a car accident in front of my house. It wasn't pretty. It was all my fault. I trusted a man that was waving me on saying it was clear to go....BIG MISTAKE. Trust no one on the road. 2. One of the cars went airborn...I believe the driver said, "it felt like something from Dukes of Hazard!" He made me laugh. (Don't worry, he didn't get hurt)

3. Where was I going? To my best friend's house to go help her find her cat that hadn't come home the night before...

4. Before the accident, I was feeling so proud of myself for being such an awesome housewife! I had the yummiest beef stroganoff ready for Joel when he walked through the door after work...this is a rare thing in our household, so you can bet I was feeling proud!

5. Car accidents bring people together...the driver of the SECOND car I hit knows my best friend's family was oddly nice to have a connection amidst all the cop lights and tow trucks.

6. I didn't have time to call my folks, but social networks kept my parents in the loop as to what happened so they'd know I was okay. Thanks FB, Twitter, and Instagram. 

7. Joel heard the accident from our living room and had a feeling I was involved....correct he was, came running out the front door to check on me. 

8. I got a ticket. BOOOOO. But you know what? Everyone involved in the accident was perfectly fine. No injuries. YAY!!

9. I still went to my friend's house last night. Worst part was that her cat was found dead. Ugh. My heart just goes out to her. 

All of this to say, I know everything happens for a reason, I fully believe that. But I just haven't figured out what those reasons are. I know it'll become obvious eventually, but for now, my mind can't help but wonder. I have to keep telling myself that I am just so thankful no one got hurt in the accident. The worst that happened is that everyone will be dealing with this for a few days with rental cars and getting vehicles fixed, etc. I'm also thankful the cop that worked on the case was so nice and patient with everything. Makes such a difference. And the cat? Not sure why that happened now either. It was a perfectly healthy, young cat. Breaks my heart so much. I just hope someday we get to understand the timing on this one. 

Life is weird sometimes. So tell those around you you love them so so much today! And love on your little critters extra too.