Victoria & John | Engagement

After a couple reschedules, the day finally came for Victoria and John's session...and of course, as I was driving to the location it starts POURING DOWN RAIN. I just prayed and prayed for a break in the rain! I mean, they were coming from Richmond, I had a wedding the next day with no room to move the session to another date, it just HAD to happen that day! Well thank goodness, the rain stopped just in time for us to start shooting. It sprinkled a teensy bit, but hey, if that was all we got, I can't complain :)

Victoria and John met 8 years ago while working together, and have been together ever since. John is software developer and Victoria is a DNA analyst. Think CSI kind of thing. Um, that's AWESOME :)

Thank you so much for spending the evening with me! I enjoyed capturing this sweet time in your lives leading up to your wedding! I wish you both all the best! :D