Light Tests & Outtakes

The time has come! The outtake folder entitled "We're Funny" gets to come out of hiding now that the year has come to an end. So, as promised, here are our outtake/behind-the-scenes/light testing photos gathered for the 2012 wedding season! I had the priviledge of working with some fabulous second shooters this year, and couldn't be more thankful for each of you! Having you there makes the day so incredibly enjoyable, so thank you! I mean, you are the ones that make light testing shots worth keeping. Without further adieu, enjoy our 2012 behind the scenes recap!

Light testing, take one: "okay, Rach, I want you to run in like you're being announced...GO!"

This way!

Love father/daughter first look.

Shooting on a boat in choppy waters? Challenge accepted.

Kristin's boat didn't have cover, bless her heart! Total trooper in the rain!

Errmegersh, not sure why I'm laughin so hard here!

Light testing, take two....this is how Kellie is announced into the reception! Whaaaat!? hahaha

Even with Joel's crazy schedule this year, we still got to shoot 2 Houston weddings together! Love love love him.

That face.

To the right: Joel walking down the aisle with his "flowers" so I could test the light.

This makes me look real cool. I mean, who wouldn't want this face at their wedding?! Srrsly.


Photogs, how many of you have increased arm strength from this move?!

I might be biased, but this is MY FAVORITE LIGHT TESTING SHOT EVER. ever ever ever. HOT!

Could someone please move this bush?!

"How's the field out there!?"

Used our location scouting time to be horse whisperers.

Yep...light's good! Hehehe

David breaking out into a little pre-ceremony robot...

Light testing once more...clearly, Joel is a pro at this. I mean, look at that face!

This was my best wedding hair day ever! I might have gotten on the road way too early for this event, so I stopped by a hair salon and had my hair done for the wedding! I was suprised it stayed looking good for the entire day too! Total win.


Love me some gold wall!

I had one too many coffees that day. Yikes.

There you go, photobombing my couples, Rach! BOOM.

I'll end this year's recap with 3 of my most unflattering photos of 2012. EWWWW!

Tha's how we do!