Nick & Amy

JAAAAAAAKEYYYY!!! Best done in a high pitch voice. I can't tell you how many time I made a fool during Nick and Amy's session to get their pooch to pay attention to me! They brought along their insanely adorable pup, Jakey, for the afternoon, and I secretly wanted to just stick him in my back pocket and take him home to be friends with Betty. SUCH a sweetheart, and completely adorable.

And such a photobomber.

If only you could see all the photos he wasn't supposed to be in...there were alot.

Anyhoo, meet the ever so sweet and spunky Amy and Nick! They reside in Dallas and met at SMU in the yearbook department. She was the editor and he was a photographer! Needless to say we all vibed so well. They're getting married next May, and I'm just so excited for them! Until then, enjoy their engagement photos!