Annie & Nolen

Annie and Nolen are the perfect example of "those who play together, stay together." You'll see exactly what I mean as you scroll through their session. We met up in the morning and had to quickly go to our plan B for the session, thanks to unavoidable road construction blocking our route to the park! After that minor hiccup, we strolled through the museum disctrict and laughed more than I thought possible so early in the morning. They met in India 2 years ago through work, but had unknowingly worked for the same company in the same building for a while in Houston before actually meeting each other. Pretty awesome how that one worked out if you ask me. To add to their relationship travels, they got engaged in St. Bart's on the beach! Nolen even hired a photographer out there to creep around and capture the proposal! Good move, Nolen, good move!

Annie and Nolen, you're just a big ball of fun, and I'm SO pumped to shooting your wedding this fall! EEP! Enjoy a few of my favorites!