Bethany & Rene

I'm going to go ahead and say it. Thank goodness Bethany and Rene are both snake people! Not even 2 minutes into their session did they find a snake in the path I had them walking down. I didn't know what was happening at first, but Rene was watching something and then followed it into the bushes. They both had stopped with their romantic walk and proceeded to check out the snake. Naturally, I freaked out from a good distance of 50 feet (and that distance kept growing and growing!). It turned out to be a copperhead, and I'd guess it to be about 3 feet in length? I know I made a fool, but snakes are one of the things in life I'm most fearful of. I can't trust those slithery bodies and their beady little eyes. I mean, I have nightmares with snakes in them! Joel reassured me that snakes are more afraid of us, but I don't know about that...I think it's a close call. Needless to say, I won't be visiting this park for a while. Besides the snake at the beginning, Bethany and Rene enjoyed a nice stroll through the park stopping for kisses, cuddles, and a few wild berries that begged to be picked. They've been friends for over 6 years, and started dating in 2010. Their first date? Oh, you know, a sweet walk through the snow on Valentine's Day. They're getting married this November in Houston and I'm so excited for them!

Without further adieu, enjoy a few of my favorites.