Jon & Jabel

I keep meeting awesome couples who are "completely living the dream" according to my book, and Jon and Jabel are definitely one of those couples. They live within a short bike ride of downtown Houston (I'm talking's right there!) and completely enjoy the perks of city-living; the art and culture, the amazing eateries, and just being close to EVERYTHING. They are 2 fashion driven creatives who thrive on great art, great food, and great love. And oh my gosh I love them. L-O-V-E puffy heart love them. We exchanged emails back and forth leading up to the session full of plans, ideas, outfit choices, collaboration and just plan excitement for the morning of the engagement session to finally come! And when it was glorious. Glorious, people, GLORIOUS.

So you know they love city life. They also both rock out on the ukulele together. Um, AWESOME. Jon moved to Houston 4 years ago from Puerto Rico, and right before the move he met Jabel through his cousin. After her moved here, they got together and the rest is history.

Jon and Jabel, thank you for being your amazing, energetic, joy-filled selves! I loved spending the morning with you and absolutely cannot wait for your wedding in October! I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites!