Cliff & Kellie

This set of images is extraordinarily special to me because I got to photograph my bestie and her fiance...who also happens to be one of our best friend's brothers. Shoots like these remind me how incredible it is to get to capture such lovely relationships through a lens...especially of people so close to you! I mean, what an honor! Goodness gracious. I love these people.  I know you all have seen Kellie on the blog and my instagram feed before, but let me catch you up to speed on the latest development. Cliff and Kellie have known each other forever. As in, both their families raised them in Kingwood at the same church for as long as anyone can rememember. They've always run in the same circle of friends and family, even attended the same university. Well fast forward to Kellie's sister's wedding last fall... Chelsea, Cliff's sister, decided to get sneaky and do a little match-making at the reception. On a girl trip to the bathroom, Chelsea casually says, "Kellie, would you ever date my brother?" And practically ran out. On her way out, she beelined for Cliff and says, "Hey Cliff, you know Kellie's single right? Would you date her?" And ran off. Chelsea planted little seeds in both their heads at the same time, which got this whole thing started. Pretty awesome. That was November. Come January 1st of this year, it was official and they had begun dating.

It didn't take long for them and everyone around them to know they were going to get married once they started dating. They're just perfect for each other and balance one another so well! Both have strong convictions, loving families, and can challenge one another in the best ways. Come April, I get a phone call from Cliff telling me he's going to propose soon. Holding that secret for as long as I did was so hard! But so fun too! Hehe! He surprised Kellie in July with a sweet proposal that had been carefully planned for weeks. And she was over the moon.

Cliff and Kellie, I just love ya'll so much. I'm so thrilled this is happening! EEEEEEE!!! I think I speak for everyone you know when I say that. Ya'll are such a blessing to know and spend time with, and I can't wait to stand up with you as you promise your forevers to each other in March!

And one little pit stop before heading back to Kingwood...