I can't believe I haven't shared these photos yet! I'm getting ready to share the Hawaii wedding and trip photos, and realized these haven't even seen the light of day. Shame on me. the beginning of the summer we went to Alaska! It was in celebration of my in-laws' 40th wedding anniversary. They met in Alaska and were married there. Donna had always talked about going back and making a family trip of it. Lo and behold, she made it happen. When packing for the trip, Joel and I decided not to bring a DSLR with us. It was a hard decision, but it was so I could be more present through our travels and not be figeting with my gear half the time. Yes, I wish I had it for some of the epic sights we saw, but hey, it all worked out. I shot this trip with my iphone 4 and a Fuji X20. My favorite photo of the entire trip was actually taken on my phone. We took a 7 day cruise out of Seattle that made 4 stops. Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan, and Victoria, BC. In Juneau, we took a boat ride to see the glaciers and whales, then found ourselves at the museum looking for a narwhal horn. Yes, a narwhal horn. Our boat guide assured me they had one at the museum since I was foolish enough to ask him if he's ever seen a narwhal on the job. I'm pretty sure I fell for his joke. Gullable me got so excited and toted my family across the town to find this museum and scour the place for the horn. No horn. Our next stop was in Sitka, where we went four-wheeling through meadows. This was my favorite excursion we did from the cruise! I had no idea I loved four-wheeling so much! Not to mention the trees we drove through were magical. Next up was Ketchikan. We went zip-lining through the tallest trees you ever did see. I 'bout died. And not in the "oh it's so pretty I could die!" sort of way. I've always wanted to go zip-lining; seems like fun right? Well, it was! The zipping part. The landing in the trees on the tiniest platform with no rail part...not so much. I was literally HUGGING every tree that held up our platform so I wouldn't have to look down. I don't even remember how high up we were, but it was too high for me. Our last stop of the cruise was in Canada! We were only there for a few hours, but we really loved it. We walked the city of Victoria and had high tea at The Empress. This experience is what really started Joel and I's mutual love of having tea together. Since our cruise ported in Seattle, a place I've always wanted to go, we planned a few extra days on the back end of our trip to enjoy the city. Oh that place has my heart! I would go back tomorrow if I had the chance. The weather was divine, the people were so chill, and the food was incredible. I had the best crepe of my life there. I will say, we stepped foot in every Starbucks store looking for "the mug." This is right when Starbucks had just changed over to the "you are here" design of the city mug and I just wasn't having it. I collect the old city mugs and was determined to find it! No such luck. So there you have it! Our summer trip to the Pacific Northwest in a nutshell! Enjoy a few of my favorite frames from our travels.