Charisse & Mike

I met up with Charisse and Mike in the heart of Houston for their engagement photos right before Halloween. They shared with me about their witty costumes and I told them about our zombie party plans. Gotta love Halloween right? It's the one time of year it's smiled upon to dress up as nerdy or weird as you like

After spending the morning with these two gallavanting around Charisse's neighborhood, I quickly realized how much fun these two have together. Hence the getting married part! Anyways, Charisse had the model face down to a science, but Mike could always break it and make her just bust out laughing. Um, that's THE BEST. And you should have seen their wicked dance moves. Just wait until the wedding day, I'm sure they're going to tear up the dance floor!

Charisse and Mike, thank you for spending the morning with me and sharing your favorite little nooks in town! I can't wait for your wedding day to get here so we can do this again! But for now, enjoy a few of my favorites from your session!