Hazel & Olive

Today, I'm happy to introduce you to my first guest blogger, the Resident Stylist for the fabulous Hazel & Olive Boutique! Jessie Gallio! I've been teaming up with the owner of H&O, Taylor, since January doing shoots here and there, and it's been such a joy getting to photograph fashion pieces! This will be a new series led by Jessie, of her latest picks for the season. All the clothing featured here can be found through the Hazel & Olive online store! Without further adieu, here's Jessie!

"As cliché as it may be, I’ve loved fashion since I was old enough to watch Sex in the City! I loved the way Carrie always had the courage to wear whatever she wanted and wore it with confidence, never giving a second thought to what others would think or say about it! I always admired her love for fashion and was always so intrigued by her self-confidence and original style.

I get most of my inspiration from the street. Some of the best styles can be spotted on the street, while going about your everyday routine. Here in Houston, we never know from day to day, what the weather has in store for us, so I’m a firm believer in layers!

My style is very diverse/eclectic, so I like a little of everything; however, just like everyone else, I do have my favorites. We live in a denim universe, so it’s inevitable that I have a slight obsession with denim…distressed denim, to be exact! Whether I dress them up or down, these are always my go-to. I’m also a bit vertically challenged…standing at only 5’ 2.5” (and yes, the .5 counts), I’ve been a heels/wedge girl since as long as I can remember! Keep in mind- sometimes less is more, because simplicity is sophistication.

It’s cool to keep up with the trends, but never forget to try to put your own personal twist on it to show who you are--because the secret to great style, is to feel good in what you wear. It’s a way to express yourself, without ever having to speak!"


H&O Resident Stylist

Jessie Gallio