Envelope Calligraphy

korielynn_envelopes_001 Little details can go a long way, especially when setting the tone for a wedding. I had the chance to collaborate with some of my favorite vendors here in Houston to showcase just that. We set out to use a carefully curated set of vintage stamps to compliment each style of calligraphy and color scheme, as well as matching them with the flowers that could potentially go with each wedding. Each vignette could be a stand alone palette for a wedding, and that's exactly what we were going for.

Our vignette stylist, Natalie with Two Be Wed, bought a huge box of old vintage stamps from a garage sale when she was younger and pulled them out for this styling session. She could tell a story with each stamp she chose: it was incredible to see her pull it all together.

My pal, Jody with The Moss & Rose, worked her magic on creating such effortless floral combinations to compliment each envelope and liner. I was just blown away by her work. I always am! You've seen her work here on the blog several times, so you know how I feel about her floral designs!

Lastly, the calligraphy and liner pairings were done by me. You can find my work at The Weekend Type.

I'm honored to say this set of images was selected to be featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper as well! Enjoy looking at our collaboration! korielynn_envelopes_002korielynn_envelopes_003korielynn_envelopes_004korielynn_envelopes_005korielynn_envelopes_006korielynn_envelopes_007korielynn_envelopes_008korielynn_envelopes_009korielynn_envelopes_010korielynn_envelopes_011korielynn_envelopes_012korielynn_envelopes_013korielynn_envelopes_014korielynn_envelopes_015