The New Korie Lynn

branding intro I woke up at 4:15am out of sheer excitement knowing today is LAUNCH DAY. Guys, it's really here. And it's LIVE! And no longer a secret worked on behind the scenes at odd hours of the night. I am beyond excited to be sharing with you the new branding for Korie Lynn Photography!

Last time I rebranded was 2.5 years ago, which really isn't that long ago if you ask me. The change was made when I moved to Houston from Virginia, and well, a lot has changed since then. I've grown up, both in business and in life, and I feel like it was time my branding reflected it too! My big "to do" with branding this time was to strip everything down and simplify. I have a notebook I had started called "The Final Rebrand" as a place for me to jot my thoughts about what I want my brand to represent, and the fact that I wanted something that could grow and evolve with me over time. Something super clean and classic.

That's where Jen comes in.

She branded me 2.5 years ago, and I was dead set on using her incredible talents again! She's a mastermind. This time around, we used some of her & Jeff's Tonic Site Shop templates as the base and tweaked them from there to fit my needs.

And friends, it's more than I could have ever dreamed.

I mean, I can't believe this is MINE! I love that this is the new home for my photography to live and dwell on the world wide web. It's beautiful, and simple, and lovely. It just makes me so happy how it all turned out. I can't even express it you. Just know I'm quite thrilled.

Jen, thank you for making my branding dreams a reality! Thank you for your patience, kindness, encouragement, and willingness to answer all my silly questions! Thank you for making this a breeze. You're a gem to work with and I'm just so appreciative.


Without further adieu, take a peek at my new website!

Korie Lynn Photography

new brand blog 01

new brand blog 02

new brand blog 03

new brand blog 04

Next is the original mood board Jen put together based on a Pinterest board I had created for the new branding, a series of interview questions, and the overall style I wanted to achieve. Seeing this now is pretty awesome if you ask me. It goes with everything we ended up with!