10 Random Facts | Meet Korie

random facts blog post 00 A friend of mine recently did a post with random facts about her and I loved reading it! So, I thought it'd be fun to do one here too. This is sort of a "meet the photographer" post/background into what makes me me. Enjoy the random tidbits and stories!

DIAMOND FOR BLOG1. I need an icee anytime I see a movie with Joel. Preferably cherry coke...layered.

2. I'm obsessed with candles. Burning them, smelling them, and especially hoarding the extra good smelling ones for use on special occasions! And editing days!

3. I love my dog. Maybe way too much. She just has the sweetest eyes and gives the best nap time snuggles! And she goes by Betty.

4. I have a birthmark on my knee. It's been fun when new people discover it to see what they think it looks like: an arrowhead, Africa, a heart (which is what I like to think it looks like), or my personal least favorite....a poop smear.

5. I just cut my hair into what I didn't think was the "mom" hair cut...but now I think it is. I'm already growing it back out. Oops. At least it wasn't as bad as the time I thought I could pull off the Mandy Moore short hair cut in high school. After getting the cut and color, I woke up the next morning, and cried because I looked like a little goth boy! TERRIBLE decision.

6. I'm deathly afraid of drop rides. On our honeymoon, we went to Disney World, and Joel didn't realize the extent of this fear...he convinced me that the Tower of Terror ride would be a breeze. I mean, there were young kids doing it! I should be able to, too. Not the case. Long story short, we regret not buying the photo they take of you during the ride. There's me in the middle gripping onto the rails of my seat, cowering as low into the seat as possible (I think I was trying to become one with the chair), Joel consoling me after hearing my shrieks of horror (he probably didn't realize I could even make a sound so horrid), and lastly, the 6 year old girl with her grandfather in the seat next to me POINTING AND LAUGHING because I was so scared and she wasn't. At least she got a kick out of it. Anyways, that one experience sealed the deal for Joel to never ask me to go on any drop rides ever again!

7. Joel and I met in college through, none other than my bestie and current associate photographer, Kellie! Their moms were pregnant with them at the same time when they all lived out in California and went to the same church. True story.

8. There's always a project going on in our house. Poor Joel is used to it by now. Besides being a wedding photographer, I'm also a calligrapher at The Weekend Type. It's been an awesome creative outlet for me to create beauty in a hands on way that doesn't involve screen time. Plus, I just love the wedding industry!

9. I'm a tv series junkie. Scratch that. Joel and I are tv series junkies. My hands-down favorite to date is The Walking Dead (you know I'm counting down the days until October 12th!), closely followed by Breaking Bad. You could say I'm a fan of AMC shows. Yes, a big big fan.

10. On wedding days, I am such a creature of habit. Wake up early, veg for hours, no errands or turning on the computer, slowly get ready for the day, review timeline for the millionth time, ask Joel to pack me a snack bag (he always makes them the best!), and head to Starbucks before getting on the road to the venue. This is how I get my game face on! Every. single. time.