Lauren & Joey

korielynn-hopkins_001 Earlier this spring, Joel and I headed to Blanco, TX to photograph the wedding of some old friends of ours from ACU, Lauren and Joey. The day was smooth and lovely, to be expected from these two. Some of Joel and I's funniest memories from our time at ACU involve Joey, so it was really special for us to be there to capture his wedding day. Let's just say, as bored freshman, we were convinced we could make Joey fly by attaching a bed sheet to his wrists and ankles, and strapping him to Joel's jeep. Don't worry, no one was hurt! It was just a riot. If you've ever been to Abilene, TX, then you understand the creativity it takes to keep yourself occupied in that dusty old town.

Lauren and Joey, thank you so much for asking us to be a part of your big day! It really means a lot to us. korielynn-hopkins_002korielynn-hopkins_003korielynn-hopkins_004korielynn-hopkins_005korielynn-hopkins_006korielynn-hopkins_007korielynn-hopkins_008korielynn-hopkins_009korielynn-hopkins_010korielynn-hopkins_011korielynn-hopkins_012korielynn-hopkins_013korielynn-hopkins_014korielynn-hopkins_015korielynn-hopkins_016korielynn-hopkins_017korielynn-hopkins_018korielynn-hopkins_019korielynn-hopkins_020korielynn-hopkins_021korielynn-hopkins_022korielynn-hopkins_023korielynn-hopkins_024korielynn-hopkins_025korielynn-hopkins_026


Ceremony & Reception | Old Blanco County Courthouse

Cake | Betty with Cookie Cafe and Bakery

Makeup Artist | Stephanie Goldsmith

Wedding Gown | BHLDN