lemonade BLOG_001 This past February, I collaborated with my sweet friend, Jody, of The Moss & Rose, on this sweet, country style shoot. The shoot came about because we did a pop-up shop together downtown for Valentine's Day, and well, there were LOTS of glorious leftover flowers that begged to be photographed. So, that's exactly what we did. We keep referring to this shoot as the "making lemonade" shoot because that week was just so crazy for the both of us, and we decided to make the best of it. We just decided to make lemonade. I still can't believe this shoot was us "making lemonade..." everything this gal touches is gold.

We left the details of the shoot open-ended for us both, working with what we had on hand and not spending any extra money. And those horses? A happy accident you could say. They just happened to be out our shoot location when we arrived.

Big thanks to our friend, Alyse, who modeled for us for the evening! Love having you; you're amazing both in front of and behind the camera!

Lastly, we are honored to say this shoot was featured recently on none other than Burnett's Boards! To see the full feature, click here. lemonade BLOG_002lemonade BLOG_003lemonade BLOG_004lemonade BLOG_005lemonade BLOG_006lemonade BLOG_007lemonade BLOG_008lemonade BLOG_009lemonade BLOG_010lemonade BLOG_011lemonade BLOG_012lemonade BLOG_013lemonade BLOG_014

Flowers | The Moss & Rose

Model | Alyse French

Calligraphy | The Weekend Type

Photography | Korie Lynn Photography