The Brennens

korielynn-brennen14_000 I've been photographing this family since 2012, when Jennifer was pregnant precious baby Adalyn. And now Adalyn is already two! Every time I get the chance to capture the current stage in life of the Brennens, it's always such a joy to me because I get to witness their growth. It's so beautiful to me. Adalyn is ALL GIRL. Shoes, clothes, makeup, everything. You should have seen her reaction to being asked if she wanted lip gloss. It was my FAVORITE! She is full of personality, and was cracking me up so much during the shoot.

Jennifer, Adam, and Adalyn, thank you, once again, for giving me the joy of photographing your sweet family! korielynn-brennen14_001korielynn-brennen14_002korielynn-brennen14_004korielynn-brennen14_005korielynn-brennen14_006korielynn-brennen14_007korielynn-brennen14_008korielynn-brennen14_009korielynn-brennen14_010korielynn-brennen14_011korielynn-brennen14_012korielynn-brennen14_013korielynn-brennen14_014korielynn-brennen14_015korielynn-brennen14_016