Well, here I am, finally making the announcement I've been scared to say out loud for so many months, but have mentally committed to since I got pregnant with Jonah 39 weeks ago. 

I'm making the big switch from mainly shooting weddings, to only shooting portraits. As much as I have LOVED photographing weddings,  the weekend time commitment and heavy weekday editing just doesn't seem to fit our family lifestyle at the moment. So what's a girl to do? I'm stepping back for a while to be a better wife to my sweet husband, and a better mom to our boy(s! I can almost say plural since Jonah will be here any day now!). 

I don't know where this path will lead, and who knows, I may be ready to jump back into weddings sooner than I think I will be. I'm open to the idea, but right now it just feels good to get this off my chest and make things official for the time being. A portrait schedule both with the shoot itself and the editing is a much lighter workload that I can and want to take on while being a mom first.

My main focus for portraits is with family relationships and watching them grow. Maybe because I'm finally in this sweet season myself, but I've really come to love this type of photography and see the value in it. Anniversaries with their growing love, maternity with the anticipation of new life, newborns with their gentle presence and the new roles it brings to mom and dad, and of course families as they change throughout the years because Y'ALL. They grow SO FAST. 

I'm still offering bridal portraits because those were one of my absolute favorite sessions to be a part of and get creative with while shooting weddings. I love the elegance and beauty of them, and being able to show a bride just how gorgeous she is through imagery. It's a style I just can't let go of yet, so I'm not going to. 

There you have it. Hello portrait world, so long wedding world! At least, for now, while we raise some precious littles :)

Thank you for your love and support as our family makes a big transition both in our lives and with the business!

Here's a preview from a session with Kellie and her new baby girl! Brides, you may recognize her, she was my second shooter and associate photographer for 2 years before she had her first babe. 5 weeks in and they're doing fabulous together :)