The Price Family | Family

I go to church with this lovely family, and was so excited when they asked me to take their family photos! Aaaand, the best part?! They wanted to do any and everything I suggested for their session :) I suggested a dozen red balloons, check, a blanket to lay on, check, photos in a wildly overgrown field....check! Now, I didn't think this through all the way, but the balloons mixed with the tall, tall grass....not the best. They POPPED pretty quickly!! In my head it was perfect! Haha, but the photos we got with them I love :) And needless to say, it was a gorgeous day with lots of golden light. Mmmmm, the best! 

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That's SO Last Year... | PHOTO CONTEST!!

2010. Boy, did that fly by or what?! Still feels like I just moved here!! Wow. Prepping for this contest has given me the chance to really look back on the year and see just how great it was! I feel so completely blessed by everything, not to mention the amazing clients I've had throughout the year! So many happy memories! Oh my goodness, you guys ROCK! And then some!! I couldn't have asked for a better year :) Korie Lynn Photography has come a long way, (clear from TEXAS! haha) and I can't wait to see what's in store for 2011! 

Let's get to business...the contest! 55 photos have been narrowed down from over 150 favorites from the past year, and now it's your turn. TIME TO GET YOUR VOTE ON!!

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The Princess & The Astronaut | Fredericksburg, VA Family

Remember the lion and the fairy from last year? Well, they're back! Just with new duds :) Meet my niece and nephew, Brea and Gage...AKA the princess and the astronaut :) Last year we started what became a little tradition of taking Halloween photos of the kids in their costumes in the backyard. So of course we had to do it this year...and we plan on doing it again next year! Love family traditions :)

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